Place: Centro I+D+i Solusoft Parque Leganés Tecnológico

Date: 18 January 2011

Timetable: 18 January 2011 (9:00 - 11:30)

Technological breakfasts on Solusoft: How to get visibility on the Internet?

Solusoft prepares the Seminar How to get visibility on the Internet? Is my site ready?, part of the cycle of Technological Breakfast, with the aim of providing businesses with information on how to apply new technologies in their business.

The activity is aimed at companies that want to see improved its online presence, get more visibility on the Internet, brand relevance, or an element of competitivedifferentiation.

The speakers at this event will be Manuel Moreno, Director Commercial and Manuel Cocera Solusoft, Head of Business Development Solusoft.

Among the topics covered in the presentations will talk about SEO and SEM, using tools like Google Adwords and Google Analytics, the use of Social Networks as a newmeans of communication, or success stories of customer web pages. Finally hosting a talk among participants in order to discuss issues of interest and may make the questions have remained unanswered during the talks.

The event is aimed at IT Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Directors and Managers

Download the program click HERE

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