Sep - Oct 2013 VEGAP
  • Sectors: Services
  • Business Line: Web Services and Positioning, Software Development

New VEGAP website

Distineo allows the organization to manage easily pages and news, as well as including information from external databases.

Nueva página web de VEGAP
Nueva página web de VEGAP

The non-profit organization VEGAP manages collectively the artist's author rights in Spain. More than one hundred thousand artists are part of VEGAP, who manage their rights in accordance with the Intellectual Property Law.

VEGAP not only wanted to radically change the design of their website, but also make it easier to manage the contents and have the possibility of including information from their external databases. These conditions showed Distineo as the perfect tool mainly due to its versatility. 

Thanks to this, VEGAP has now a management module and a search engine that provides information about the authors who belong to the organization.

The renewal of VEGAP website also allowed to include a huge novelty: the newsletter. Thanks to Distineo's custom development, they can easily create these newsletters using the included pre-designed patterns. VEGAP's newsletters have been developed in standard HTML so as it can be correctly visualized from the vast majority of e-mail clients.

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