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Manage Easily your website content

Online web editor association - Distineo

Distineo is a handy tool that requires no programming knowledge to use. It's as simple as editing in a word processing program like Word. You can adapt the look of your website, from colors to distribution of elements, images and even contents of each section. Also, do not need to install complicated software on your computer to access the configuration panel because you connect online.

So, get to give your website the image you need with professional results.

Online web editor association - Distineo

Update your site instantly, forget about static content

One of the major problems when you recruit the design of a website is that content updating depends on the terms of the company that you hire the service. On many occasions, news about events expire and are available in the web even long after it expired.

Distineo solves this problem because you yourself manage the handling tool, and because of the online access, so you can update content from any terminal at any time, without installing costly programs on your computer.

Save money in communication, keep the community informed of the activities you organize

If you are an institution or an organization, association, club or team, with Distineo Associations you may inform the community on new activities and events, attract fans to your cause, getting news of interest to their members and maintain contact with your visitors. Knowing the opinions of your subscribers is as easy as sending an email.

This saves money in promoting yourself in conventional media, more expensive, and you'll get short term results.

Show the world waht you do, keep the interest of your followers

The Associations Version modules of Distineo are designed to appeal to his followers: Events, News or Videos where you can show what you do in your organization in an attractive and dynamic way.

Online web editor association - Distineo

Exploit all the possibilities of Social Networks

Social networking has revolutionized the web and they have positioned as the pages more followed by the Internet today. 70% of Spanish Internet users have profiles on any social network.

Due to its overwhelming success, we can create a site that claims to be modern if doesn't have 2.0 social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube.

Distineo Associations has this novelty by which your website will include access to their profile in the most popular social networks. Thus, visitors can leave comments, photos, videos, and ultimately, be active users of their association.

You can get it all at the same price of Distineo Basic, for only € 990 and a monthly fee of 69 € which includes maintenance.

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