Your Website with full warranty and additional services

With Distineo Online Web Editor you not only acquire a complete Web content manager, but you will have the calm provided by the maintenance service, ensuring that it will be at your service whenever required and give solutions to any problem or doubt you may have.

Also, you can recruit additional services for Web, such as positioning and optimization of Web Design.

Both packages will help give your site a clean and genuine appearance, and make your website more visible than the rest.

Services > Company

Distineo Online Web Editor is a product of Solusoft

Distineo is a product developed by Solusoft, a consulting and services in Information Technology company, with an experience of over 16 years developing products and tools at the service of many companies and organizations.

Solusoft - Consultoría Informática

Many Web development projects carried out in that time, led us to design and develop a product that meets the core needs of companies and organizations when they want have a site that can change when they do, and in order to collect the news, events and developments as they occur.

The organization can modify itself the information provided with Distineo , and gradually add all these developments. But they can count at all the time with the support that Solusoft ofrece a su producto. offers to its product. And even get additional services that improve the appearance and visibility of the Web.

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Services > Web Design

Highlight your Web page from your competence

Online Web Editor Distineo has all the tools necessary to achieve an attractive design and an intuitive structure for your content easily and quickly, thanks to its customizable pre-designed templates.

Diseño Web - Distineo

But if you want a custom design that lets you stand out from your competition, with a sleek design and a structure adapted to your corporate image, you have the possibility of hiring additional service Web Design.

We'll create the Web site to complete your aesthetic and elegant design, but focused on the message and content to convey. Our designers and programmers will equip your Website of impact and accessibility needed to attract attention and transmit at a time.

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Services > SEO Optimization

Take your website to the top of major search engines position.

As we know, a good Web positioning has become so essential today as having a website online. Despite all the media continues to deteriorate as a means of communication with the outside world, the Internet is the only one that continues to grow year after year, declared as the medium of the future, and is therefore essential to be visible on the Net.

SEO Optimization - Distineo

Online Web Editor Distineo allows optimization of multiple parameters of the Web pages they emerge, in order to improve the information that search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing take to positioned our website and thus improve the positioning. This will facilitate the work of attracting customers or visitors, occupying a more prominent place in these search engines.

However, due to the huge growth in the number of websites that offer the same services on the Internet today, getting a good ranking in search engines is a task increasingly difficult, and we must take into account all the variables in achieving be at the top.

We offer an additional service to clients who hire, SEO Optimization, to help you place your Web among the top positioning on major Internet search engines without you having to worry about anything beyond defining the terms for what you want your customers to find you. This way your target audience can easily find and differentiate from the sites of your competition and get more visitors to your page.

To do this you have the guarantee of a great team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience managing SEO, which offers to obtain the best results.

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Services > Distineo Mobile Reader

Distineo Mobile Reader is the reader of contents for your mobile phone.

With Distineo Mobile Reader you can view all the relevant information from pages created with Distineo. Now and for free on your mobile phone you’ll have the information that you choose, the most diverse topics as technology, legal or social assistance, among others.

Distineo Mobile Reader - Distineo

Are you a Company?

Distineo Mobile Reader application integrates with the Online Editor Distineo, so that any organization that has Distineo can get the information they want to their target audience. So Mobile Reader Distineo becomes a powerful loyalty tool with which you can communicate with your audience quickly and without any cost.

Are you an individual?

With this free application you will be informed of current events on Distineo pages that you want to list. News, videos, products or events are just some of the content you’ll get on your phone automatically and free.

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Distineo Mobile Reader en Google Play

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