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The Distineo base version offers the following features:

  • Your Own Domain and Hosting included.
  • Complete menu management and configuration (up to 3 levels of nesting).
  • News management (Optional distribution by RSS and Twitter).
  • Search engine optimization tools (SEO).
  • Contact page with geolocated map.
  • Google Analytics track.
  • Two possible designs to break into web editing (but if you prefer so, we can create a custom design).
  • Fully manageable Home (main page of your web site), including information components and the option of setting it up like a web portal.
  • Web management..
  • Advanced search engine.
  • 1 language: English or Spanish. (It is optional the joint use of this two languages in this version).
  • Contact Form with captcha, to prevent automated mail production from the Web.
  • Dynamic Sitemap.
  • User Manual.
Online Web Editor - Distineo

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