2014 Bob Hairstores
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The brand new Bob Hairstores website

To improve its online pressence, the chain of professional hairslyling products stores needed an intuitive and easy to navigate website that also reflected the modern image of the company.

Meet the new Bob Hairstores website.
Meet the new Bob Hairstores website.

In the chain of stores Bob Hairstores you can find a huge variety of professional hairdressing products. Cleaning, care, treatment... Bob Hairstores offers a great range of hairstyling products for women, men and children.

Aware of the fact that nowadays being on the internet is not enough and you also need to have a professional and accurate online pressence, Bob Hairstores decided to count on Distineo online editor to build their new website.

The new website offers information about the different stores, the top 10 best products, news and information about hairstyling, among other sections. All this without giving up on a modern design according to Bob Hairstores brand image and an easy and intuitive navigation.

Moreover, the tools included in Distineo have allowed Bob Hairstores to place themselves among the first places in the most imortant web browsers thanks to SEO positioning.

If you also want the best website for your company contact us and we will tell you how to achieve it.

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