Source: 26 February 2014

New Distineo version

The characteristics of the most versatile online content manager has been improved, but also has new features to make web editing much easier.

La nueva versión de Distineo.
La nueva versión de Distineo.

Fruit of the constant work of our team, it has been released a new version of Distineo online web manager. This represents not only a better performance of this tool and an increase of its speed, characteristics which are in continuous evolution, but also new features that complement the existing ones.

Among the most important changes there is the cookie use notice, a compulsory element for every website due to the changes made in the law. This way every website created using Distineo will include a customizable text warning about the use of cookies, which will only disappear when the user clicks "accept"

If a website is translated to various languages, the new Distineo version will show automatically in which of them will be displayed according to the language set by the user in his browser. Geolocated events and contect schedule have been added as well.

Considering the increasing importance of the social networks, Distineo gives the user the option of displaying buttons for those ones he uses.This way one of the latest novelties is the inclusion of Google+ button

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