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Distineo is the new online web editor that allows you to create and update your website easily and quickly. Get professional results without requiring specific knowledge.

Online Web editor - Distineo

With Distineo you can easily create your own website and modify it whenever you want by using a simple online web browser.

If you want your website to be attractive and dynamic you can use information components that will easily show your company or organization's hot news: news, events and other items which you can easily edit and manage through this tool.

In addition Distineo allows optimization of various parameters in your Web to make it more accessible to the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, ... so you can obtain the desired position more easily and increase page views.

Versions of Distineo

Online Web Editor Distineo is the most complete tool with two product levels and a vertical solution. Both are custom made according to your needs and based on the results you are looking for:

Online Web editor - Distineo
  • Distineo

    With the basic version of Distineo you'll get a complete editing web tool, with several modules very easy to manage that will allow you to update your website contents whenever you want. This way you will get the most of your page without any programming knowledge.

  • Distineo PRO

    Distineo PRO is the advanced version of the tool, that includes additional modules with which you will achieve its full potential, resulting in a guaranteed professional success.

    See all features of Distineo and Distineo PRO.

Vertical Solutions

Distineo has vertical custom made solutions for specific action areas. Its great intuitiveness and ease of use, flexibility to update contents, and the dynamism of the different modules will ensure the best quality for your website. make it a safe bet to get to your visitors.

Online Web editor - Distineo

See all features of Distineo Association.

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