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You will get a whole lot of benefits by choosing Distineo as your online web editor to manage and keep updated your website's content.

Editor Web Online - Distineo
  • Your website always updated

    Create your website quickly with Distineo, and modify it whenever you want from anywhere: you just need a web browser. Your Site will always provide the latest news of your company.

  • Use of information components

    Distineo's information components will easily show all the information of your company in your website: news, events, and much more items that you can easily editable and manageable.

  • Improve your web SEO positioning

    Distineo allows optimization of multiple parameters of the Web pages, in order to improve the information about site will be accessible to the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, ... That will facilitate our work of attracting customers or visitors from them.

  • Your contents in the language set by the browser

    Distineo is a multilanguage product that allows your website to be automatically displayed in the language set in the web browser. This way, if your website is available in English and Spanish and, by default, it is displayed in English, when a user enters in your website from a browser set in Spanish, your website will be displayed in this language.

  • Key and geolocated events

    Now you can place your events on a map to point their exact location so as their search and queries are much more attractive for your clients. Moreover, you can also mark the most interesting ones as “key” events, in a way they are highlighted from the rest.

  • Your own search engine on your website

    Do not let your visitors leave your site without finding what they were looking for. If it's on your website, they will find it.

  • Manage multilingual content

    When editing a page you can manage pages switching language easily, so that you can work swiftly with translations.

    Distineo establishes links for every language so as the user can surf on your website without any problems, no matter the language he chooses.

  • Don't worry about hosting

    The maintenance fee includes hosting and domain for your website. We'll take care of full performance, backups... so you don't have to worry.

  • Cookies use notice

    Latest changes in the Law for the Protection of Data made warning visitors about the use of cookies a mandatory requirement for all websites. This is why Distineo includes now a mechanism through which your website will display a warning about the use of cookies on it with a customizable text, which will be displayed in every page until the user clicks on “I accept cookies policy”.

  • Automatic schedule content

    Schedule new contents and updates of older information. With Distineo now you can easily introduce specific contents for concrete days or time lapses. Share offers, promotions and news checking that they show up just when you want and they are no longer visible when the promotion is over without fear of obsolete information that may confuse your clients.

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