Source: Distineo 17 December 2010

Arrabe Advisers new Website

Arrabe Advisers choose Distineo to manage their site

Arrabe Advisors, Business Consultancy company in areas Accounting, Tax, Legal, Legal and Labor have chosen Distineo as the optimal platform to manage their Web content.

The company already has a site from which introduce his company, inform about the services they offer, and provides information on various tax and legal aspects through news and newsletters. This service is free to all visitors, with the ability to subscribe without the necessity of being customers.

To carry out this work and in order to create and modify at any time new content, the company has relied on Distineo capabilities.

Distineo is a powerful editor that allows them to create their own newsletters, news and events updates, report on their new projects and, in general, to build a Web 2.0 to reach directly to potential customers. 
Thus, the new Arrabe Advisory’s Web get a great dynamism and usability, and optimize Web positioning through specific tools which Distineo account for it, while making the visibility of their brand much higher.

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