2013 Civil Turf
  • Sectors: Services
  • Business Line: Web Services and Positioning, Software Development

Creation of iGreenKeeping website for Civil Turf

This new website provides information about sports surfaces management and a platform for greenkeepers to manage their maintenance policies.

Página web de iGreenKeeping.
Página web de iGreenKeeping.

Distineo online content manager and its custom development integration allowed the agronomic projects consultancy Civil Turf Sensible Engineering to create its new website iGreenkeeping.

Now greenkeepers can count on a source of information that provides them with useful data about the adaptation of natural grasslands for sports use, such as golf courses, racecourses, football and socer fields and other sports surfaces.  

iGreenKeeping has been created using a public web tool based on Distineo that has the aim of providing interesting information about this field and a group of tools developed by Civil Turf so as greenkeepers can analize and manage their maintenance policies and designers and builders can plan their projects.

Using these tools provided by Civil Turf in iGreenKeeping, users can obtain agroclimatic curves for potential growth and for the need for nitrogen of the different grass species, depending on the average monthly temperature collected by the weather stations included in the tool. 

Registered users have extra functions, such as the graphs with their own measurements.

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