Source: Solusoft 21 February 2011

End of the First Cycle of Technological Breakfasts at Solusoft

The seminar was composed of 4 days and have assisted dozens of companies and organizations of Solusoft environment (clients, suppliers and partners in general).

Desayunos Tecnológicos en Solusoft
Desayunos Tecnológicos en Solusoft

Solusoft has given during the months of January and February the Seminar How to get visibility on the Internet? Is my site ready?, part of the cycle of Technological Breakfasts,with the aim of providing enterprises with information on how to apply new technologies in their business.

This activity would show all those companies interested in improving their Internet presence, how to get more visibility and brand relevance on the Internet or how to differentiate from the competition.

The lectures were given by Manuel Moreno, Commercial Director and Manuel CoceraSolusoft, Head of Business Development in Solusoft.

Among the topics talked were SEO and SEM, using tools like Google Adwords andGoogle Analytics, the use of Social Networks as a new means of communication, or success stories of customer web pages.

Thanks o the interest raised, Solusoft plans a new edition of "Technological Breakfasts"for the near future, whose main theme will be the adaptation to new technologies andhow to succeed on the internet, and other topics of interest to organizations.

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