Source: Distineo 11 February 2013

Esperanza Gracia launches her new official website with Distineo

The Spanish astrologer and TV contributor bet on Distineo to create her new web page an essential way for her followers to be always informed.

The most famous astrologer of the Spanish television, Esperanza Gracia, ventures into the networks of networks with her brand new official website. At the beginning of 2013 she decided to open a new information channel through which share her knowledge and advice with her many followers.

The astrologer's new website, which was created with the online web editor Distineo, shows, in a clean design, all the information that anyone interested would like to find: horoscope, the stars of the day, advices and rituals amongst other things.

Thanks to the many advantages of Distineo now Esperanza Gracia has a continuously updated place really easy to find in the search engines.

From the first time Esperanza Gracia's new website placed itself amongst the first positions of the searches related to the astrologer in the search engines. The reason of this was the SEO tools offered by Distineo and also the importance of the lauch of the website for the astrologer's fans.

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