Source: Distineo 29 March 2011

Arrabe Asesores integrates the first Distineo mobile application for iPhone

The website of the business advisory company in the accounting, tax, legal and Labor areas, will be the first website created with Online Web Editor Distineo integrating an App providing information and profits in real time.

Aplicación iPhone para Arrabe Asesores
Aplicación iPhone para Arrabe Asesores

Last January, consultants Arrabe Asesores concluded changing their old website to a new designed by Distineo, change whose main motivation was to provide updated content to their customers. One of the services that Arrabe Asesores offers on its website is the subscription to their newsletter, for everybody.

Following this premise Arrabe has also chosen Solusoft to they personalize it for the first application integrated fot Iphone by Distineo. It is primarily a reader of news andevents, which the company may report in real time of everything related to the company and the sector which they have added other features related to the managementof this information. The application is already available in the App Store, and can be downloaded by anyone who wants, whether they are customers or not. You can follownews, tips and warnings related to the areas of expertise ArrabeAdvisors.

These improvements by the online web editor Distineo turn the Web into a more useful tool with which placed "close " to his audience. Besides integration with the moving average increases the potential for loyalty between their community and exploit the possibility of reaching a wider and specialized audience.

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