Source: Distineo 15 July 2011

New website of Subastas Segre with Distineo

The auction house offers a complete catalog with detailed information on auction items for easy product search.

Subastas Segre
Subastas Segre

Subastas Segre was created by a group of collectors and ten years ago and today is one of the leading companies in the field of art auctions in Spain. Also cover the modes of painting or to the Jewels Decorative Arts, being specialized in this lattest.

SIOSA has developed a project to work on Distineo as Partner, for which they have worked on two main lines: on the one hand,  it has been added Products module to Distineo functionalities , whose main objective is to work as a complete catalog in which they can present the pieces auctioned. This module can also turn establish multi-parameter search, so that the customer will always find what they want.

The following work has been the introduction of a tool for Subastas Segre so they can update content from their desktop, new product loading or uploading photos of the pieces easily.
With these modifications, Subastas Segre has a website to inform their collectors about their activities and to keep an online catalog.

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