Source: Civil Turf Sensible Engineering 17 October 2013

iGreenKeeping: the informative website for greenkeepers

This new website provides all the necessary information about grasslands and their sports use as well as useful tools for the management of the work of greenkeepers.

iGreenKeepeing: una web informativa y útil para greenkeepers.
iGreenKeepeing: una web informativa y útil para greenkeepers.

If you manage sporting greenlands for a living, you are in luck. The agronomic consulting projects company Civil Turf Sensible Engineering has launched iGreenKeeping, the website that will keep every greenkeeper informed.

And not only this, but Civil Turf also provides anyone wishing a group of useful tools to manage the work of the professionals of this field.

iGreenKeeping has been created using a web tool based on the web content manager Distineo that, together with the tools developed by Civil Turf specially to make easier greenkeepers' work, resulted in a website that combines information and a number of utilities for professionals -management and analysis tools for greenkeepers' maintenance policies and planning tools for builders and designers. Moreover, iGreenKeeping offer interesting extra functionalities for registered users.

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