April 2010 MAITOURS
  • Sectors: Industry, transport and logistics
  • Business Line: Web Services and Positioning

Maitours Website use Distineo as CMS

Distineo has been implanted as a tool for managing Maitours' website content

WebSite Maitours
WebSite Maitours

Maitours, an spanish leader in the field of road passenger transport and bus rent, decided to use Distineo as manager of its Web content.


This company was agree with the design of its site, but it was looking for doing the information provided on Maitours itself, and the services it offers, flexible and easily updatable. The firm also wanted to improve the ranking of your web in search engines.


To achieve these objectives, the website was migrated to Distineo platform. The design team maintained its style with the new tool, and the structure and content that already had the previous web was maintained too. From there, information about the different services offered (passenger transport and hire coaches and buses in general) was studied and improved, with a view to optimizing website search engine positioning. For this, the new website will also benefit from the profits that Distineo has for this purpose.

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