January 2011 FOGESA

The group FOGESA rerun its website with Distineo

Online editor Distineo is the base of their new web site

FOGESA governs expert advice, technical assistance, and in general, the provision of any service for the creation, promotion, management and development of real estate (including the integrated management of promotions on a cooperative basis.)

The company already had a website created by Solusoft in 2007, which allowed to publish their services on the Internet while integrating it in a Sales Management System, allowing efficient management of reserves and home sales.

FOGESA main objective is to respond effectively to each project. For this task, continuous updating of the content of their website is vital, since it has to be updated in the publication of new promotions to keep potential buyers informed.

To adapt to changing market expectations, constantly changing, FOGESA has chosen Distineo, the online web editor developed by Solusoft , which enables customization and updating page content easily and conveniently.

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