September 2010 Talent in Action

Now online the new Talent in Action website

The new website has been made with Distineo, the online web editor by Solusoft

Nueva web de Talento en Acción
Nueva web de Talento en Acción

Thanks to Distineo, the new "Talent in Action" website content is presented much more dynamic, with information on their projects, events and news, among others. Thus,Talent breaksthe stillness of the old version and encourages visitors to navigate their information portal faster, smoother and comfortable.

Talent in Action is a computer consultant specializing in software development, and in particular of Internet projects. From his experience, participate in the design of Distineo, specifying the tools to be included to that optimizes the positioning of the web pages up on the platform. Now acts as a distributor even Distineo inimplementing their own projects, so it was logical to use it to create its Web site.

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