November 2010 Andalucia's House of Leganés

Andalucia's House of Leganés new website

The new website of the association has been developed over the online web editor Distineo, in it's version for associations.

The Andalucia's House of Leganés, with over 30 years of history, is responsible of keeping alive in this townthe andalucian feeling and the traditional culture, while providing a space for social interaction and for those who wish to train or enjoy man yactivities such astheater, poetry, music, song, dance, flamencogatherings, crafts.

The number of registered members is now more than 1,250 and the number ofactive members exceeds 800.

To be able to cover all its partners and leverage the many advantages of Internet as a communication channel, the Andalucia's House of Leganés has relied on Distineo Associations, a new version of the product specially prepared for the needs of an association.
The result is a portal which has been enhanced by adding to the classical sections of Distineo other features like dynamic gallery of Flickr, downloadable documents, letters of activities with different groups, or active monitoring on social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube) and a magnificent visual, simple and modern at once.

With this version of DISTINEO for associations, the Andalucia's House of Leganés may get direct to members, and make themselves known to thecommunity, with constantly updated information on everything that happens to theassociation, resulting in a highly dynamic and usability

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