Madrid - 2011 Subastas Segre
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Subastas Segre have new website with Distineo

The website for the auction house offers extensive information on the products auctioned and an improved search tool.

Página Web de Subastas Segre - DISTINEO
Página Web de Subastas Segre - DISTINEO

Subastas Segre is one of the leading companies in the field of art auctions in Spain. Created in 2001 by a group of collectors, has a wide range of coverage forms, such aspainting, decorative arts and jewelry, with special attention to modern painting and jewelry.

The project was carried out by SIOSA working on Distineo as Partner, the Solusoft’s Online Web Editor.

Distineo basic functionality, such as Events or News module, have completed with Products module, which in the case of Segre Auction serves as a catalog of auction items.

On the other hand, the module has been extended for Subastas Segre to let them update content from their desktop, new product loading or uploading photos of the pieces easily.

Thus, the Segre Auction website offers constantly updated content and the ability for customers to search from many parameters, so the results are much more specific. Also it has been taken into account the issue of client into web design, with a modern and visually.

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