Madrid - 2011 FidelizaME

FidelizaME website, Solusoft software with loyalty point cards

FidelizaME is a solution oriented to public with loyalty card points, with various objectives of application, such as encouraging the use of services, promote the purchase in stores, promote achievement of objectives, promote associations, or the revitalization of services for citizen.

FidelizaME is a solution oriented to customer loyalty with plastic points cards, developed by software development company Solusoft. This software allows you to performloyalty projects, with big opportunities for short-term growth from low investment.

Solusoft has implemented this site on the Web Online Editor Distineo, to give the page of a current design, in addition to displaying information in a simple and dynamic, with constant updates on its contents (services, products, projects, news, events, ... ) and everything related to FidelizaME tool.

FidelizaME loyalty software provides all the necessary infrastructure to provide theservice to its users through a Web platform that allows,

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