October 2010 SOLUSOFT

Solusoft now has a new web with Distineo

In its continuing effort to renew and adapt to new tools developed, Solusoft updated the version of its website with the online web editor Distineo.

Portada de la nueva sede Web de solusoft
Portada de la nueva sede Web de solusoft

Solusoft website has changed his appearance, now more dynamic and attractive, and improved the layout of information so their contents are more accessible to visitors. The aim is that the visitors accessing to the Web would be constantly informed of all issues affecting Solusoft, its products and services through the modules of news, events and projects undertaken by the company.

Distineo, the tool used for this work, has been developed by Solusoft, and allows Web content management, easy and quicky on-line editing, and changing or expanding their information at any time.

In this way, our website is constantly updated and it will have components or modules of information that make it more attractive to visitors.

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